LAHORE – At least four armed dacoits reportedly robbed a family in broad daylight at Marriyan Stop Signal on the road heading towards Jinnah Hospital Lahore, footages showed on Monday.

Irfan Jahangir Wattoo, who took to the Facebook to publicise the appalling incident which his family went through, said the video was taken by a bystander and witnessed the whole episode and recorded it as an evidence.

“These are videos which were taken by someone in another car. I am grateful to him,” Irfan expressed his gratitude.

He further mentioned ASP Ayesha Naseem SDPO , Garden Town who “reacted exceptionally quick and professionally.”

The post further read “I am sure whosoever is involved in this matter will be detected and impounded in short time. I am also uploading pictures of culprits; let us join hands and find them so that they go where they deserve to go….behind the bars.”

The incident depicts that the situation of street crimes in the city had worsened despite tall claims of authorities and recently inducted Dolphin force.