KARACHI – The Transparency International, a national coalition against corruption, has requested the National Accountability Bureau to look into corruption allegations against MDA and Sindh Government for illegal consolidation of 400 acres for a private development Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi.

It urged the accountability watchdog to review the complaint it received and warned of legal action for those involved in it. Additionally it asked the watchdog to recover the land and act against the relevant officials and people under the National Accountability Ordinance 1999 if the land grab allegation is substantiated.

In a letter, whose copies were sent to the Supreme Court’s registrar, the prime minister’s secretary and CDA chairman, too, TI chairman Sohail Muzaffar told NAB Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry on Friday that the issue of Fazaia Housing Scheme, against the ban imposed by Supreme Court, has consolidated/adjusted/exchanged over 400 acres land on 19th June 2015, needing the immediate attention of the bureau.

He said his organisation was striving for across-the-board application of the rule of law considering it the only way to stop corruption in the country.