ISTANBUL – Pakistan Embassy in Turkey confirmed on Wednesday that Turkish police have freed six Pakistani nationals held captive by human smugglers, while they were on way to Greece.

The culprits tortured the hostages brutally and filmed it to send to their families in Pakistan in order to demand ransom. This video went viral after it was widely shared on social media, prompting anger among people who began to demand that the hostages be set free.

(Warning: Graphic Content)

Foreign office also confirmed  o  Monday that  four Pakistanis hailing from Gujranwala were abducted by human smugglers in Turkey.

However, the Turkish police conducted a raid in Usman Pasha area of Istanbul today and released six hostages, while four abductors have also been arrested during the raid. The police said that these Pakistanis were held hostage by an Afghan-Turk gang. Muhammad Adil and Muhammad Zeeshan, Usman Ali, Ashbar Ahmad are among those who were held in captivity.

Earlier, no official confirmation was received as embassy officials said that freed persons have not been identified yet.