Pakistani’s are celebrating the day like it’s Eid. Santa came early this year and Pakistani’s got all the surprises at once. Chief Justice Pakistan hinted the arrest of TLP leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi from London. While we were giving up on the authorities last night in a preplanned action authorities arrested the major players of TLP.

It was extremely important as these extremist groups were trying to sabotage the government, law & order of Pakistan. TLP members tried fighting back by planning a protest. However the attempts were failed by law enforcements.

Twitter is not going easy with this news. Twitterati’s are celebrating this victory with trolls and heartfelt tweets.

Not only Pakistan’s but people following this drama from around the world have something to add:

Comedian also shared yet another funny tweet;

Every student!!

Sad reacts:

CM Punjab at the moment:

Exam season:

Can I hold your hand?