LAHORE – Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi seems to be overjoyed with the news that his Twitter account has been verified by the social networking site after “inexhaustible efforts”.

After receiving the blue checkmark that confirms a public figure’s account is legitimate, the foreign minister took to Twitter to celebrate and thank those who helped him in achieving it.

He wrote, “I want to thank @ImranGhazaliPK for his inexhaustible efforts in helping me verify my twitter account”.

The minister also appreciated the social media team of the PTI for working tirelessly and declare them “great asset” of the party.

Since he shared the tweet, the Pakistani Twitterati gave hilarious responses to it with various tweeps extending congratulations to him.

A user writes, “Shah jee is also celebrating blue tick” with joyful emojis.

A user also commented, “How much inexhaustible efforts while I had got my Twitter account verified after an effort of 10 minutes when Twitter had kindly asked few questions to be answered”.

Among all such bizarre response, there was also a serious reply to Qureshi’s celebrating tweet.

Soraya Aziz, who claimed to be vice president of PTI USA chapter, says such tweets do not suit senior minister.

She writes, “Congratulations if the blue tick means that much to you. But with all due respect, such tweets don’t suit Senior Ministers. You have far more pressing tasks to focus your attention with.”