NE YORK – Tyrian White, the alleged daughter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief, Imran Khan, has disassociated herself with a statement that went viral over the internet over the weekend.

The 26-year-old girl took to Twitter and addressed Pakistan’s famous lawyer, Yasir Latif Hamdani, that a statement pertaining to her plans about legal action against Reham Khan was wrongly attributed to her.

‘Do you really think I chose this random person’s twitter account in order to release an official statement?’ asked White in a visibly furious tone.

The New York-based woman asked the lawyer to stop using her to get publicity.

The rejoinder came after Hamdani, who is a lawyer of Imran Khan’s former wife, Reham Khan, pressed Tyrian for her comment regarding a statement attributed to her which suggested that she was mulling legal action against Reham Khan over her poised memoir.

“Our family and those connected to me have been seriously harmed, private details of our family WhatsApp group have been twisted by Reham and made part of her book. I will be taking libel action both in the United Kingdom and in the USA if the book is published in these jurisdictions,” Tyrian was quoted as saying in the wrongly attributed statement.

Tyrian White is the daughter of the late British socialite Sita White. The lady had won a default judgment in a paternity suit against Imran Khan in a Los Angeles court in 1997. The decision came after Khan refused to provide his DNA samples to prove or disprove paternity.

“Yes, I’m just very happy that this judgement was entered. This is an important day for my child and I think that Mr Khan should make an apology to the people in Pakistan for running his campaign on a lie. I think it’s time for him to take responsibility for his child and I’m just extremely happy and I’m glad I have my lawyers working for me.” Sita had told media.

After the ‘damaging’ verdict, Khan had told US media that he would be willing to undergo a medical test in Pakistan and would accept the decision of a Pakistani court. The cricketer-turned-politician argued that he was not a resident of California or England.

Imran’s former wife, Jemima Khan, had termed Sita White her ‘stepdaughter’ in a picture uploaded in 2017, though Imran Khan denies allegations levelled against him in this regard.