Inaugural Speakers Democracy Award has been conferred on lawmaker of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Marvi Memon on Thursday by the United Kingdom House of Commons.

Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow MP announced the recognition in a session convened today.

Memon, who is the chairperson of BISP, has helped about 5.3 million women in Pakistan by providing them with a stipend for necessities such as food, clothes, health and education, according to John Bercow’s statement.

“[Memon’s work] has done a great deal in terms of combating poverty and child malnutrition in rural areas. Not only this, the programme also facilitates the participation of women in Pakistani electoral politics by encouraging them to obtain ID cards which allow them to vote,” reads the statement.

Speaking about the award, John Bercow said that the award endeavours to celebrate the achievements of those individuals who promote democracy. “The intention of this award is to allow this House to recognise and celebrate individuals who have championed democracy, or brought about social change in an emerging democracy,” the statement said.

The MNA will be conferred with the award at a later date, according to the statement.

Responding to the news, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader thanked Minister of Finance, Prime Minister and President for their “unflinching support”.