LAHORE (Web Desk) – Believe it or not, Pakistan has yet to do a lot more to earn respect for its citizens around the world. The world’s seventh biggest and the only Muslim nuclear powered nation is still behind India and even Somalia or Syria in having freedom to travel around the world without visa.

Currently, a Pakistani citizen can travel to only 29 countries without visa while Indian 52, Somalian 31 and Syrian 32.

According to Henley & Partners, a London-based consulting firm specialising in citizenship services, the citizens of Germany have clear access to travel in 177+ countries; United States (USA) passport holders get the same freedom in 170 countries.


According to their findings, Germany in 2016 holds the most powerful passport in the world along with a few other European nations, United States, Japan and Canada. The worst passport to hold Afghanistan. In fact, Afghanistan has ended up being the worst nation, every year since 2010.


Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are ranked 96th with 39 nations, Nepal 98th with 37 nations and Pakistan 103, a rank just higher than Afghanistan which has freedom to travel to only 25 nations.

Find the full list of Henley & Partners here.

A list of the world’s strongest passports

1. Germany – 177 countries
2. Sweden – 176 countries
3. Finland
Italy – 175 countries
United Kingdom
4. Belgium
Denmark – 174 countries
United States
5. Austria
Japan – 173 countries

The least powerful passport nations are

99. Libya – 36 countries

100. Syria – 32 countries

101. Somalia – 31 countries

102. Iraq – 30 countries

103. Pakistan – 29 countries

104. Afghanistan 25 countries

Via:Indian Times.