ISLAMABAD (Web Desk/APP) – US State Department spokesperson John Kirby has said Pakistan knows well the threat of terrorism and Islamabad has vowed that they are not going to discriminate between terrorist groups.

During a media briefing John Kirby said it was for the government of Pakistan to determine how long it will take to investigate the attack on Pathankot air base, following information provided by India.

“It’s not for us to ascribe a timeline to somebody else’s investigation. Obviously, in all investigations, you want it to be thorough and you want it to be complete. And clearly, we all like them to be done as quick as possible and transparently discussed when it’s complete,” Kirby said.

Pointing out how Islamabad had condemned the attack, the spokesperson said, “Let’s let them do that and let’s see where the investigation goes. We obviously would like to see it investigated too, as completely and as thoroughly as possible, so that we can better understand what happened.”

Six militants stormed the IAF base in Pathankot on Saturday, soon after which Pakistan said it is working on the ‘leads’ provided by the Indian government about attack in a significant move that may help keep the fragile thaw in frosty relations between the two neighbours intact.