KARACHI -Notorious Lyari gang war commander Uzair Baloch in a shocking disclosure revealed that he was in contact with RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav and worked for Indian and Iranian agencies.

According to a report by The News, the confession was made before a magistrate on April 24, 2016, where Uzair Baloch accepted the charges levelled against him.

Baloch revealed that a man identified as Haji Nasir, an alleged member of the Iranian intelligence agency, had introduced him to other members of the agency and so he met with the Iranian secret agency officials.

He confessed sharing information about Corps Commander, Station Commander and Naval Commander in the city with foreign intelligence agencies .

Moreover, it was also revealed that Uzair played an integral role in the appointment of Saeed Baloch and Nisar Morai in the Fishermen Cooperative Society, who used to pay Rs2 million extortion on monthly basis to Uzair.

The gangster had also confessed to appointing those SHOs who helped him extend his criminal activities. He claimed that PPP leaders such as Zulfiqar Mirza, Qadir Patel, Yousuf Baloch had helped him appoint SHOs of his choice.

He further revealed that he had allegedly received Rs10 million in order to illegally occupy costly lands located at Hawkes Bay, Mowach Goth and Northern Bypass. He received the heavy amount from an influential political personality.

Sources stated that the Lyari gang leader had also received Rs six million to create hurdles in an effort for grabbing some 500 quarters at Mauripur by a political leader. In 2011, a provincial minister had assigned Uzair to resolve different cases of properties. The minister gave him Rs five million for the job. An influential leader of Sindh had also used Uzair to buy 40 bungalows in Clifton at a much reduced price.

On 19th October, 2010 after the tragedy of Shershah Kabari Market, an important political leader had assigned Uzair to kill men from a rival group in revenge.

In 2012, Uzair had succeeded in abolishing the head money fixed on him and his campaigns with the connivance of an important and powerful political figure.

The gang leader also blew the lid off his contacts with a female politician of Sindh over the matter of national and provincial assembly tickets from Lyari during the 2013 general elections.

He also mentioned that he and his wife were facing life threats from political figures including Asif Ali Zardari.

Uzair Baloch was arrested by the Rangers on January 30, 2016, and he made these shocking disclosures after his 90-day remand in the Rangers’ custody. He was taken into custody by Pak Army on Wednesday.

After the terrible revelations by a gang war commander opearting in metropolis, all eyes are on law enforcement agencies as to what would be done to him owing to the fact that the charges of espionage are severe.