KANDHKOT – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said that as representatives of all institutions in the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on Panama Leaks are principally under Prime Minister Nawaz, the PTI, and not Hussain Nawaz, should be expressing their reservations.

While addressing a charged crowd at Anaaj Mandi Ground on Wednesday he said that the reason behind unemployment and lack of education in the province is that the money meant to be invested in Sindh is laundered abroad.

“We don’t have money to run Pakistan,” adding, “when we are short of money then we have to go to International Monetary Fund and seek loans and later it’s the common man who has to pay back those loans. Somebody else steals money and then you, a common man, compensate via taxes”

The PTI Chairman said that when a nation witnesses a crime and doesn’t take a stand against its cruelty, the same nation then has to pay a price. He also said that he has been visiting Sindh for the last 21 years and he has never seen improvement the province since. Khan further said that no one would respect a prime minister who is under a criminal investigation by JIT.

Imran said it was embarrassing for the whole nation to see that Prime Minister Nawaz was not allowed to speak in the Riyadh Conference, and that Trump had not named Pakistan for its sacrifices in the war against terror.

“It’s shameful to see that we sacrificed 70,000 Pakistanis in this war against terror and president of USA didn’t acknowledge Pakstan. I promise you, a PTI prime minister will not bow down before anyone”

Strict arrangements of security have been put in place at the venue. For participants, walk-through gates have also been installed at the main routes leading to the ground. At the venue, more than 10,000 chairs have been placed and the stage is 20 feet in height and 60 feet wide.