STOCKHOLM (Web Desk) – While the overall number nuclear weapons owned by nine nuclear-armed states declined during 2015, Pakistan increased its stockpile significantly by adding some more short-range missiles in the last year, an international observer body noted.

According to a report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), in the beginning of 2015 the US, Russia, Britain, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea together had 15,850 nukes, however the number declined to 15,395 by the start of 2016.

“About 4,120 nuclear warheads are operationally deployed by the nine nuclear-capable states,” the report said.

The data mentioned in the report suggested that there were over 70,000 nuclear weapons in 1970s, however the major cuts in the following years has reduced the number considerably.

But, contrary to the other countries, Pakistan and India are continuously increasing their nuclear stockpile by developing battlefield-ready nuclear weapons and nuclear-capable ballistic missiles respectively.

The SIPRI report further warned that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal may increase significantly over the next decade.

Currently, Russia is estimated to have 7,290 nuclear weapons, followed by United States with 7,000 – these nukes make 93% of total nuclear weapons in the world.

Other countries France, China, Britain, Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea own 300, 260, 215, 110-130, 100-120, 80 and 10 nuclear warheads respectively.