Woman swallows poison along with 8 kids after brother refuses watta-satta

  • Janat Mai poisoned her children after her brother refused for watta-satta

LODHRAN – A mother along with her eight children allegedly gulped a poisonous substance that killed four of the children in Lodhran, local media reported.

Janat Mai took this step after her brother refused to marry his children to her sister’s under a watta-satta exchange.

After refusal, the accused added poison to the food, that was eaten by all the eight children and her. Subsequently, they were shifted to hospital where four of the children died, while the mother and the remaining four children were saved. The incident happened on August 9.

On suspicion, an uncle of the children asked police to arrest Janat Mai, who later confessed.

The police have registered a case against Janat Mai, her sister and nephew.

There was no information yet whether she was facing any pressure from her husband or his family for agreeing to a watta-satta match with her brother.