WASHINGTON – World Bank has suspended its role of arbitration to resolve the Indus Water Treaty issues between Pakistan and India over the matter of two dam projects being constructed by India to give them a chance to seek an alternate solution.

In a press release, the World Bank stated that the decision has been made in order to give the nuclear-armed neighbours an opportunity to come up with an alternative solution to their problem in accordance withThe Indus Water Treaty signed in 1960 deals with water distribution and sharing of the six rivers of the Indus basin, of which the three eastern rivers Beas, Sutlej, Ravi were allocated to India and the three western rivers Jhelum, Chenab and Indus to Pakistan. The World Bank had brokered the agreement and have a role in dispute resolution. It was also responsible for the provision of funds to both countries that would allow them to construct several dams and canals to fulfill their needs.

The treaty has been violated twice already when India constructed two hydroelectric power plants named ‘Kishenganga’ and ‘Ratle’ on the Neelum and Chenab rivers.