KARACHI – The family of a deceased patient, who was under treatment at Aga Khan Hospital Karachi for seven days, claimed that a wrong injection given by a trainee doctor to their loved one caused his death.

Video footage of the aggrieved family was posted on  Facebook, in which a son of the patient maintained that a trainee doctor, Sahar Fatima Rizvi, had injected high potency medicine making the patient unstable. He further added that the doctor escaped from the spot after the mistreatment, but “I got her official identity card”.

He also complained that the patient was not provided with a ventilator when his condition turned critical and also slammed the behavior of doctors, nurses and staff.

The Agha Khan University Hospital issued a clarification on Friday, terming the claims being made on social media in this regard as “unsubstantiated and inflammatory”.

The hospital offered condolence to the family who lost their loved one early on Thursday morning, adding that an investigation will be initiated to probe the matter fully.

It claimed that the family became violent towards the doctor, nurses, staff and property during this event, with little consideration for other very sick patients in the hospital.