LAHORE (Staff Report) – The WWF-Pakistan and Banglalink Digital Communications Limited have signed an MoU to implement the Green Office Initiative at their head office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

This is the first international office working with WWF-Pakistan on the programme.

The implementation of the Green Office programme will help Banglalink reduce the use of electricity, paper, travel, water and waste in the office which will not only reduce associated costs but carbon emissions as well.

The Green Office team of WWF-Pakistan will liaise with Banglalink to devise an environment management system to set targets to cut back on the use of resources.

The Green Office Initiative is geared towards bringing a behavioural change in its member offices, therefore regular trainings and workshops will be conducted to raise awareness amongst Banglalink’s employees to ensure effective implementation.

According to Nazifa Butt, WWF-Pakistan’s Manager Environmental Assessment/Green Office Initiative, “Organisations can cut direct and indirect carbon emissions from their offices and minimise their contribution to climate change through the implementation of the Green Office Initiative.

“Green Office certified companies aim to reduce their dependency on erratic electricity and water supply in the country. There’s a continuous push to find renewable energy alternatives and even building rainwater storage facilities in many of the member offices.”

The objectives of WWF-Pakistan’s Green Office Initiative are in line with the recently announced national policy to reduce carbon emissions from Pakistan by at least five per cent. WWF-Pakistan’s Green Office Initiative is an extension of WWF-Finland’s Green Office concept which provides the working community the opportunity to work with WWF’s international goal to provide a better living environment.

The Green Office Initiative was started in the country by WWF-Pakistan in 2009. Till now, a total of 45 offices have signed up for the implementation of the learning programme in order to reduce consumption, save costs and to improve environmental sustainability. Last year, 11 Green Office member organizations saved a total of 600 metric tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.