MUZAFFARGARH – A young man attempted suicide by jumping into a river after watching a video statement by imprisoned MNA Jamshed Dasti in which he accused police officials of torturing him in jail.

According to media reports, Pathany Khan got frustrated after watching the video of Dasti that went viral on social media. He attempted suicide by jumping into the river. The locals rescued him and shifted him to hospital.

Medical Report

On the other hand, Punjab government has released medical report in respect of Jamshed Dasti and as per this report no clear signs of torture have been found on him.

The medical report was created by a medical board comprising 5 doctors which was constituted by Punjab government to conduct a medical check up of Jamshed Dasti after the allegations of violence were leveled by the MNA.

It was said in the medical board report that no clear sign of violence has been found during the check up of Jamshed Dasti, but that he has developed certain mental problems after his detention.

According to the report, Dasti’s toothache has nothing to do with act of violence.

Terming the complaint of chest pain by Jamshed Dasti as unrealistic, the heart specialist declared him fit and absolutely clear in the perspective of any heart disease.

The MNA is facing some stomach related problems and medicines have been prescribed for his treatment.-Online