As the nation was busy in praising and celebrating its cricket team’s splendid victories one after another, former Pakistan opener Aamer Sohail on Thursday indirectly alleged that the other team deliberately threw matches in Pakistan’s favor in the ongoing Champions Trophy.

Ranting on the team live on TV, Sohail slammed Sarfraz Ahmed for overblown praises for the team for beating England while insinuating that ‘external forces’ were responsible for Pakistan’s victory.

“Sarfaraz needs to be told that he hasn’t done anything special at all as Pakistan was forced to win the games by someone,” he added.

He went on to say, “We all know what happens and what not, and I can’t tell you how they have won the games, I can’t name them.”

“Sarfaraz should just play his cricket. We are well aware of everyone’s calibre and if you do well we will praise you and vice-versa,” the former captain concluded.

Sohail apparently insinuated that bookies fixed these matches to make Pakistan and India face each other in the finals.

However, Sohail denied alleging any such thing after the controversial remarks got viral on social media, saying his clip was taken out of context.

He said he only meant that Pakistan won the match by the grace of God and “the course God had created which led to Pakistan’s victory”