ABU DHABI (Online) – Pakistan cricket team’s die-hard fan Muhammad Zaman – popularly known as Chacha T20 – has demanded an apology from opener Ahmed Shehzad for his alleged misbehaviour.

According to Zaman, the batsman misbehaved with him in the hotel lobby on Friday night where Pakistan team is staying, local media reported on Sunday.

If Shehzad does not apologise, Zaman has planned to stage a protest against him in the next match against England in Abu Dhabi.

Zaman explained that he was in the Inter-Continental hotel with his host’s son in the UAE when the incident occurred. “We went to the hotel just to have a glimpse of Pakistan cricketers and for a chance to take a picture with them,” Zaman told a local newspaper from Abu Dhabi.

“It is normal routine for Pakistan fans to request the cricketers for pictures.”

Zaman said they could only find Shehzad in the lobby as they were late to reach the hotel in the night around 10:45pm.

“I requested him for a picture with my friend’s nephew but he rudely told us to get lost,” continued Zaman.

When Zaman asked him to show some respect, Shehzad blasted them angrily and said Zaman was a liar and conspirator.

“He (Shehzad) also threatened me of serious consequences,” added Zaman.

Zaman said he did not understand Shehzad’s frustration because all players treated him respectfully and this was an odd incident.

“Earlier in the day, some supporters in the ground were hooting at Shehzad and passing on comments on him and I spoke to them and refrained them from showing such behaviour.


“Shehzad was also looking at me at that time and maybe he thought that I was behind those spectators.”

Zaman said that Shahzad might be angry at former PCB chairman Ijaz Butt for his allegations in an interview against him that he was like a servant to Pakistan T20 captain Shahid Afridi and was frustrated enough to attack whoever he was coming across.

Zaman said he supports Pakistan team for the sheer love for the game and nothing else ‘but instead of appreciating me, I was misbehaved and threatened’. He added that the management should ask Shehzad to tender an apology or he will stage a protest against him in the second Test.