LONDON (Web Desk) – On Friday, Sachin Tendulkar’s fans blasted British Airways on Twitter after the airlines asked the legendary player his full name.

It all started when Tendulkar tweeted about how he was left ‘angry, disappointed and frustrated’ due to the callous attitude of British airways, Times of India cited.

Tendulkar, arguably the most famous batsman in the cricket world, expressed his anger on how his family members’ are in the waiting list despite seats being available. And to top that, his luggage was also tagged to a wrong destination.

But what was more ‘amusing’ was the reply by the airlines asking for his full name which quickly started trending on Twitter.

After this tweet, all hell broke loose. Outraged fans of Sachin ripped the airlines on Twitter. Here’re some of the tweets:

Tendulkar is currently in Los Angeles to play the final T20 match of the Cricket All-Stars.