LONDON – The ongoing Cricket World Cup 2019 is keeping the fans glued to the TV screens but the enthusiasts based in England or those who travel to see the action as a spectator are concerned about ticket refund if an encounter is marred by rain.

The simple answer to their woes hinges on a single delivery. For instance, if even a single delivery is bowled in any match before the rain stops it or abandons it, the spectators don’t get a refund at all.

However, one is entitled to get a refund if the match gets completely washed out as per the ICC rules, suggesting that those who booked their tickets for India vs New Zealand match, will get their monies back.

The bowling of a single delivery means that the match is ‘played’ and so the spectators don’t get a refund, even if there’s no result, as happened in South Africa vs West Indies match.

Interestingly, many of the spectators buy tickets from a third-party, known as the ‘black market’, at 3-4 times the original price, for thrilling encounters but if a game is abandoned, they lose a significant amount.

The organizers of Cricket World Cup 2019 are facing criticism owing to poor selection of venue as most of the matches are being marred by rain and all eyes are set on the next high-octane clash between Pakistan and India on Sunday.