International sports journalist launches crowdfunding campaign to visit Pakistan, make videos for revival of Pakistan cricket

  • Dennis Freedman enlists help for visiting Pakistan to make TV series
  • Videos would be promoted internationally to help revive cricket in country
  • Videos would feature interviews of cricketing luminaries and fans
  • $10,000 is the target out of which $1,610 has been raised in 10 hours

LAHORE – A crowdfunding campaign has been launched by a renowned international sports journalist in a bid to visit Pakistan to make videos aimed at revival of cricket in the country.

Dennis Freedman, who is a cricket writer & host of the ‘Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw Cricket Show’ has started a crowdfunding campaign to apprise the international community of how important is it to bring back cricket in Pakistan through his lens.

In his message posted on gofundme, a digital platform for generating funds, Freedman expressed that he wanted to make a TV series featuring interviews of players, administrators and most importantly the fans.

The videos would then be promoted internationally to help revive the cricket in the country that hosted no international event (except Zimbabwean team tour) since the attack on Sri Lankan team back in 2009.

“I want to hit a ball over the Line of Control into India. I might hit one into China as well. I want to ask Wasim about Qayyum. I want to ask Najam Sethi about security. I want to ask the fans about Boom Boom and Hafiz and Younis and Javed Miandad,” Freedman said in a heartfelt message.

Attaching video of the mammoth crowds gathered outside the house of cricket team captain Sarfaraz Ahmed, the journalist wished to witness it physically.

He also designed a “Sachin Who” T-shirt and wished that he wanted to sing Dil Dil Pakistan in a crowded mall and wear that shirt to a local match.

The target for the funds is set at 10,000 US Dollars that would cover the flights, accommodation, food, visa fees, camera man costs, internal travel and other expenditures of his tour.

With a wish to answer the question as to why cricket should be played in Pakistan despite security woes, Dennis urged the masses to donate him so he could start his project.

Currently, the campaign has amassed $1,610 in a short span of 10 hours and it is likely that the funds’ mark would be attained soon.

In case he fails to visit Pakistan, Dennis has promised to reimburse the money back to the donors honestly.