The two year rule of Christiano Ronaldo was ended by Barcelona’s star player Lionel Messi when he won Ballon d’Or award for fifth time, after a gap of two years.

Meanwhile United States soccer team captain Carli Lloyd and English-born coach Jill Ellis bagged best player and coach awards for women. Lloyd had scored six goals including hat trick at World Cup.

Messi got 41.33% votes, while Christiano Ronaldo was far second after him with 27.76% and Neymar Junior third with 7.86 votes only.


The voting was made by national team captains and coaches and invited journalists. FIFA’s member countries also participated in the vote.

Speaking on the occasion, Messi extended his extreme excitement towards winning the award once again. He said that it was something lot more than he wished as kid.

Lionel Messi (above) won the player's award in Monday's ceremony and was also voted for in first by Rooney

“This is fifth for me and its pretty exciting occasion for me to win it again,” he added.

Interestingly Lionel Messi had voted for his club mates Luis Saurez, Neymar Junior and Andres Ineista for the award.