NEW DELHI – In the midst of the desolate chances of an India-Pakistan bilateral series in the near future, a Pakistani official said that the two countries will hold talks during the Champions trophy match between the two rivals, a much-awaited match as the two teams battle it out in Edgbaston, 4th of June, Indian media reported on Monday.

On May 3, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) issued a legal notice to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), seeking compensation for not honouring an MOU signed in 2014, to play six bilateral series between 2015 and 2023.

It was reported that PCB Chairman, Shahryar Khan said he would argue the matter once again with the BCCI amidst the Champions trophy clash between India and Pakistan.

Alleging a loss of $200-300 million because of BCCI dishonouring the MOU, PCB has demanded a $60 million compensation for losses faced due to India’s refusal to play the series.

On the other hand, the BCCI has sustained their claim that no legal document was signed regarding the bilateral series and also stated the fact that playing cricket with Pakistan was and is subject to government approval.

Thus, Khan also admitted that the chances of a bilateral series with India remain bleak.

The arch-rivals will be facing each other in the Champions Trophy at Edgbaston, June 4th and PCB will be looking to bring up the bilateral series affair to either convince the BCCI to resume cricket against Pakistan or will demand a compensation, although, chances of the former look bleak.

The PCB’s claim of the BCCI signing the MOU doesn’t quite fit into the scenario as it is very clear that cricket against Pakistan is a matter that concerns the government of India and requires its consent.

PCB’s demand for compensation seems absurd. It comes across to be more of a reaction to India’s refusal rather than to cater to the self-proclaimed damages caused.

The talks to be held during the Champions trophy are less likely to resolve the issue and the decision of resuming Indo-Pak bilateral series will be prolonged. But we can get a rare glimpse of the two teams in action in the upcoming Champions trophy. India may not be entering as the tournament favourites, but have a healthy chance of defending the title.-Online