KARACHI – Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Najam Sethi has hinted that Pakistan Super League (PSL) 3 final will be held in the National Stadium Karachi, Sindh.

Answering a query “PSL final in Karachi ?” on social media, Sethi said “True”.

The National Stadium has already received the green signal from the representatives of security consultancy firm Eastern Star International, which works with the International Cricket Council, the Federation of International Cricketers Associations and other such bodies, who visited the stadium in Karachi, to compile their report on the venue’s security arrangements for next year’s league.

Sethi-Shah meeting: Four matches of upcoming PSL to be played in Karachi

Meanwhile, improvement of sewerage system has also been started. The short term plans have been executed, while long term plans are also being considered to be implemented soon as PSL3 is only a few months away.

The final of last PSL season was conducted in Qaddafi Stadium of Lahore which is considered to be a major step for international cricket’s return to Pakistan.