KARACHI – Former Pakistan captain, Waqar Younis has outraged everyone by suggesting that the International Cricket Council (ICC) minimise the innings in women’s ODI cricket.

In what is being viewed as sexist remarks, the former captain proposed that women one day international games were way ‘too long’ and the ICC should consider shortening the number of innings.

“What about having 30 overs Cricket World Cup for Women. I feel 50 overs are few too many,” the former fast bowler suggested on Twitter.

To back his proposals, Waqar Younis cited the example of tennis where women play fewer sets than men. “Like Tennis where women play three sets rather than five by the male players,” he further added.

However, regardless of the recommendations by Younis, it is pertinent to note the fact that women test matches are already 4 days long instead of 5 as in the case of men.

Younis’ tweet ignited a gender debate on social media with infuriated people asking the former captain to apologise while some seemed to be appreciating his ‘sensible’ recommendations:

Some women thought the tweet must not be judged on the basis of gender politics:

While others pointed out unnecessary pedantry by feminists:

Recently, John McEnroe had stirred controversy after proposing a men v women contest to prove his claim that Serena Williams would be ranked “700 in the world” on the men’s circuit.

The seven-time Grand Slam champion said Williams was “the best female player ever” but against men it would be an “entirely different story”.

It is generally thought and lamented that sexism and gender discrimination is somewhat more rampant and prevalent in sports. Sports like swimming, cycling and athletics have comparatively fewer women participants. Some have even argued about the sheer discrimination and disparity between the amount earned by male and female athletes.