MECCA – Manchester United football player Paul Pogba is on pilgrimage to the holy Muslim city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

In a picture uploaded to Instagram on Sunday and shared with his 15.3m followers, Pogba can be seen wearing white clothes which symbolise purity.

His face is turned away from the camera as he gazes at al Kaaba, the black structure at the centre of Mecca’s Grand Mosque which Muslims face towards when they pray.

The sight was the “most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life,” he wrote in the accompanying caption.

The footballer also posted a short video of himself at the mosque wishing everyone a happy Ramadan after the month of fasting began on Saturday.

The 24-year-old broke the world record for the most expensive transfer fee in 2016, when Manchester United reportedly paid Italian club Juventus £89m.

Last week Pogba scored the opening goal in Man U’s Europa League 2-0 victory over Ajax in the tournament final in Sweden.