HARARE (Web Desk) – Zimbabwe defeated Pakistan by 5 runs in accordance with Duckworth–Lewis method following complaint of bowling side for having bad light in the field.

Zimbabwe apparently took unjust advantage of Duckworth-Lewis method after visible defeat by Pakistan whose players were visibly snatched victory from the host team by exhibiting outstanding performance.

Commentators of the match also termed it ‘unjust decision’ for Pakistan who transformed its defeat into success against Zimbabwean team in last four overs.

During last two overs remaining, Zimbabwean players surprisingly complained the match umpires for having bad light in the ground, whereas, the Pakistani players made soft argument against the decision for not facing any such situation.

Despite slumping start by the openers till middle-order batsmen, Pakistan regained its position steadily with superb efforts of Aamer Yamin who smashed 62 individual score off 68 balls and built 111 runs partnership with not out Shoaib Malik standing at the score of 96.

The eighth wicket of not out Yasir Shah also retaliated hard along with Shoaib Malik by hammering 32 runs off only 22 balls.