FUKUSHIMA (Web Desk) – Japan which generated 30 percent of energy from nuclear technology in last decade has recently installed world’s largest floating wind turbine – 344 foot long – near Fukushima coast to meet its needs following 2011’s tsunami that destroyed mega power producing structures in the country.

The turbine, that will generate over 7 megawatt energy, has been fastened by four 20 ton anchors and would withstand 65 feet high waves.

The engineers, who understand that Japan still faces the threats like tsunami, are of opinion that wind will even stay undamaged in extreme conditions.

If a large wave were to push the turbine up, down or to the side, the loose chains connecting the structure to the seabed would give it the freedom to move without being damaged, the chief engineer told reporters during the briefing.

Previously Japan had taken off its all 48 nuclear reactors when a powerful tsunami hit the country in 2011.