BEIJING (Web Desk) – Chinese men have been invited to donate sperm to earn cash to buy the new Apple iPhone 6S.

Sperm banks have turned to WeChat, China’s most popular social media mobile text service to egg on potential donors.

Two banks, Renji Hospital in Shanghai, and another one in Hubei’s provincial capital Wuhan, have posted their appeals on WeChat, the South China Morning Post reported, citing Chinese-language media.

Hubei’s provincial sperm bank said it was looking for donors, aged between 22 and 45, and would pay 5,000 yuan ($785) for each 40 milliliters of semen they provided.

“You don’t need to give up a kidney to raise cash to buy an iPhone 6s as you can get enough money just by donating sperm!” the message said, according to the news website, which added the post garnered hundreds of thousands of clicks.

Some university students reportedly criticized the campaign, saying it was wrong to use the appeal of the iPhone6s to encourage new sperm donations.

Apple’s iPhones have proved extremely popular in China, home to nearly 520 million smartphone users.

China has been projected to become Apple’s largest single market in the near future.

The company sold more iPhones in China than in the US for the first time ever.

First quarter sales of iPhones in China skyrocketed, boosting revenue in the region to $16.8 billion, a 71-percent increase, the tech giant’s report published in late August said.