KARACHI (Web Desk) –The Federal Urdu University Karachi has developed Pakistan’s first Emergency Rescue mobile application which can be downloaded to your mobile set after which the user sets a code word which can be sent to the friends and families in case the user is caught in any emergency situation.

The app is the first of its kind in Pakistan.

The extremely handy app can be used in any emergency situation including natural disasters like earthquake or fire and can also be used in critical situations like robbery or any other crime.

Speaking the code saved in your cell phone will automatically send a help message along with your location to the phone numbers that you have chosen, so that help may arrive in time.

The dedicated teachers who developed the app stated that the program was similar to a free insurance for the user.

They also stated that the app can be downloaded without any charge as of yet by all citizens.

The faculty members said that with the help of the government the app can prove to be extremely useful to people in distressed situations and can be used to save precious lives.