WASHINGTON (Web Desk) – Fat pay cheques can also be a problem.

This is something that Silicon Valley employees who live in San Francisco’s Bay Area know all too well.

While they earn big bucks they also have to shell out a lot of money because living space is at a premium in this area and if you can pay $10000 for a room there is always a guy around the corner who will pay $12000 for the same space.

But now some Google employees have figured out an ingenious way of beating the high rents. They are living inside trucks near the Google campus. Life is not as comfortable as living in an apartment but apparently money saved is worth it.

A Google employee — Brandon S — who lives in a truck has now started a blog, documenting his life.

On his blog, Brandon says, “I work in the Bay Area as a Software Engineer. I’ve made the decision to live out of the back of a 16′ box truck.”

So how is life? Fairly mundane. Brandon mostly uses the truck to sleep. For everything else, he heads out to the Google campus that offers excellent facilities and food, for free.

“I try not to eat or drink anything after about 7:30 PM, and I wash up and go to the bathroom right before I head out to the truck at night.

When I wake up in the morning, I ride my bike to the gym and go to the bathroom there (Google campus),” writes Brandon.

“The fact of the matter is that I’m hardly ever in here, except to sleep.

I’m working until 5 or 6 PM, and then hanging out with friends or working on personal projects until 8:30 or 9 PM.

When I’m in the box, I’m either writing these posts or getting ready for bed.”

Brandon also says that even though the rent in Bay Area can be super expensive, his decision to live inside a truck is not solely based on the prospect of saving money.

“For a super conservative estimate, I’m saving about $33,000 over the course of four years.

That’s just the raw minimum savings, I’ll be investing approximately 95 per cent of all of my post-tax, post-401k, post-benefits income.

I’ve mentioned many times that it isn’t about the money, but clearly this living situation makes my future plans much more flexible,” he says.

Courtesy: IndiaToday