LAHORE – The Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) has warned Pakistani citizens’ and alerted not to reply unknown missed calls made from foreign phone numbers because it’s a scam.

“There is a common fraud where people make miss calls from numbers below then make money from people calling back the premium rate number,” Nighat Dad, Executive Director, DRF, informed in a Tweeter message.

Dad said and added please do not call the numbers back, make sure that WhatsApp & phone operating system is fully updated.

Normally, in these types of cases, the scammer will hire an international premium rate number (IPRN) from a local phone company. After this, the scammer will give you one ring and then disconnect the call.

When you will call back on the same number and your call will be taken, and instantly, you will lose your money.

Unfortunately, you cannot get the money back as it is already charged for the call that you made yourself.