India sends 31 small satellites into space

  • Several of satellites for European countries

NEW DELHI – India on Friday fired rockets carrying 31 small satellites into space, most of them for foreign customers belonging to European countries who wanted high resolution images of earth.

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) sent a 712 kg Cartosat-2 satellite for earth observation and 30 other small satellites from Sriharikota in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

As part of international commercial arrangements, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) sent satellites of different countries, including Austria, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and others into space.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his congratulation to ISRP on Twitters saying, “Congratulations to ISRO on its 40th successful Polar satellite launch… You make us proud!” .

The recent launch undermines the strength of India as a low-cost service provider in space. In February, the ISRO launched 104 satellites in a single mission, most of them for foreign customers.

“Our effort of continuing to provide increased earth observation, navigation as well as communication will continue,” ISRO chief A.K. Kiran Kumar said in a speech after the launch.