NEW JERSEY (Web Desk) – A college student from Burlington County, N.J. has claimed that his iPhone 6s Plus exploded inside his back pocket while he was attending a class.

The incident occurred last week when Darin Hlvaty was preparing to attend a physical science class 9:90am

“I felt this crazy, hot burning in my leg,” he told a US media outlet.

“Right as class was starting, my phone started smoking in my pocket. It was a fire. It was super hot, so I flinched, grabbed it, threw it on the ground. Had to kick it because it was on fire,’ he told.


“I‘ve had it for about six months. The only thing that was wrong with it was a simple crack, but I don‘t see a simple crack causing it to blow up in my pocket,” the student added.

The incident took place just few days after Apple’s rival Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone following several complaints from users that its battery exploded while charging.

Another Reddit user “kroopthesnoop” earlier posted pictures of his iPhone 7 which reportedly exploded during transit.

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