Panasonic renames Eco-Solutions business to Life Solutions Middle East & Africa

  • PLSMEA to realise the vision ‘Make a better, comfortable life with human-oriented solution’ to 2030

DUBAI, UAE – Panasonic Eco Solutions Middle East & Africa (PESMAF), a division of Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa FZE (PMMAF), today announced that it will change its name to Panasonic Life Solutions Middle East & Africa (PLSMEA) effective April 1st (Monday).

Along with the new name, PLSMEA will focus on realising the vision “Make a better, comfortable life with human-oriented solution” to 2030. This represents the company’s goal to devote its resources and activities in elevating the quality of living environments, with emphasis on smart living and sustainability, through co-creation with its clients.

Hiroyoshi Suga – Managing Director, PLSMEA said, “We recognised the need to update PESMAF’s branding in order to pay tribute to our legacy and strengthen our future commitment. Panasonic Life Solutions Middle East & Africa serves a better representation of our image at the same time reflects the philosophy of an evolving brand.”

PESMAF has been offering living solutions and a wide array of products such as wiring devices, LED Lighting, Solar Systems, Water Pumps, Air Purifiers, air-moving solutions and much more. Upon the company name change, PLSMEA commits to deliver new added value through ‘space’ creation idea for redefined living spaces that will suit the changing needs of customers in the region.

“At Panasonic, we’re committed to helping our customers enjoy better living. Through collaboration with our clients, we will offer user-friendly, society-supportive and smart living solutions that effectively integrate safety and wellbeing technologies into homes,” Suga continued.

“PLSMEA is bringing to life our idea of smart living spaces with two prototype solutions – a Show Home in Dubai Festival City and the Modular Housing Solutions.”

PLSMEA’s conceptual Show Home presents various housing-related products in one package. The company synergistically combined home appliances and different housing solutions to create a prototype home where life is easier, safer and more convenient for its occupants.

The Show Home is focused on comfort, safety, health/wellness, green living, connectivity and automation. It integrates several Panasonic’s latest technologies and solutions, such as home automation system (KNX), security cameras, PBX system and Video Intercom for security; projectors, audio systems and television for home entertainment; LED lighting and solar power generation systems to ensure energy efficiency, as well as the newly introduced – Dressing, bathroom, kitchen systems, and storage systems are installed.

The Modular Housing Solutions, is designed to address the growing demand for quality housing in the region. Built off-site, these modular homes by PLSMEA offer quick and fuss-free construction yet built to superior strength and high-quality Japanese standards of Panasonic.

The Modular Living Space will also be fitted with premium Panasonic products and solutions to ensure safety, comfort and productivity of occupants. This includes LED lighting, security camera systems, prefabricated shower room, ventilation systems, air purifiers, solar panels and storage systems among others. Additionally, we have installed Panasonic’s high-quality vacuum insulation panel (VIP) and glass (VIG), those allow thin housing wall resulting in wider living space with large windows, while keeping the living space at your comfort with energy efficiency.

“We remain committed to the same high-quality products, the same high level of services, and the same mission of contributing to the development of the society. With the name PLSMEA we also aim to unite employees in spirit, and expresses ourselves in an easier manner to be understood by customers and business partners,” Suga concluded.

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