ISLAMABAD (APP) – A Restaurant Grading App is being developed to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption across Punjab province.

Punjab Information Technology Board (PIT) is developing the App for Punjab Food Authority (PFA) to help the organisation in inspecting the food quality, process of complaint and other food checking practices.

A training of food safety officers is also part of new endeavour and in this regard, workshop are being conducted by PITB to facilitate the safety officers for inspecting restaurant, enhance the skills and make them able for using the application.

According to PTIB here on Sunday, this new application would enable food safety officers to grade all eateries according to standardized criteria set by the government.

Meanwhile, a social networking Blog on Sunday reported that PFA headed by its Director, Ayesha Mumtaz has swept up a storm by shutting down and fining restaurants, hotels and eateries for substandard hygienic conditions.

Ayesha Mumtaz dubbed as “Dabang Lady” and her team shut down big and small eateries regardless of prestige or identity of the owner.
The key thing, that was crucial in Ayesha Mumtaz becoming what she is, has a Facebook.

Punjab Food Authority posted each and every raid on Facebook to get approval from masses and gain public support. By engaging the public in such a manner, it gained grass roots appeal and attraction.