NEW YORK (Web Desk) – Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S7 smartphone in the early months of 2016.

According to US media, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will follow the Galaxy S6, which has been a pundit and consumer favorite during 2015. The smartphone has helped Samsung recapture some sales that were lost in the last two years. The smartphone introduced a new glass and metal design to Samsung’s high-end lineup as well as hardware aware upgrades as well as some software revamps and increased storage capacities.


However, Samsung’s 2015 revamp was far from perfect. Some criticisms about the Galaxy S6 include the lack of a micro SD slot and the quite pricey, high-tier internal storage options.

In 2016, the manufacturer is expected to further its device overhaul with more software changes. Samsung will likely follow suit in the latest Android trend – stripping away its clunky TouchWiz overlay and making its brand of Android software more like the stock operating system provided by Google.


Samsung is expected to ship a modest 5 million Galaxy S7 handsets during its initial launch, according to Reuters. This is likely to offset, inflated Galaxy S6 sales projections, which Samsung failed to meet. Analysts predicted the Galaxy S6 would exceed 70 million units shipped in 2016; however, the device sold fewer devices during its first month of sales, than the record breaking Galaxy S4 did in 2013.

While no details about the Samsung Galaxy S7 are confirmed, here’s a rundown of rumors that have circulated about the still unofficial device.