Samsung Note flies again…At least in Spain

  • Samsung makes big come back with Galaxy Note 8

SPAIN- South-Korean Smartphone manufacturer, Samsung’s reputation took a hit because of Galaxy Note 7. The handsets were reported to be faulty and rolled back by the Samsung because of faulty battery.

Many Airlines banned its passengers to carry Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on-board. No doubt, Galaxy Note 7 stained the good name of Samsung, however, the company made a come back with its Galaxy Note 8. The new Note was released in September this year, and despite skepticism, 270,000 units were sold on the launch day, just in South Korea.

Not only did the company make a comeback with the brand new Galaxy Note 8, but it surprised consumers by bringing something onboard they weren’t expecting. Samsung Spain took the initiative to break people from the fear of exploding batteries by  bringing Galaxy Note 8 onboard a flight from La Coruna to Madrid. Not only did Samsung bring it on the flight, but to the passengers surprise, gave away a free Galaxy Note 8 to each one of them.


The boxes which were given away, carried the following text:

A year ago we asked you to turn it off; we welcome you today on board”.

Who doesn’t love free phones, that too the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Of course, all of the receivers of phone loved this unexpected surprise, and there started a war, ‘who took the best selfie with the new phone’.

Samsung Spain shared the enthusiasm of those who received it and tweeted the pictures afterward:


Well! I can’t think of a nicer way Samsung could have opted to say “we’re sorry”. And, of course, people are loving it.

Great job, Samsung!

Nozair Hanif Mirza

Nozair Hanif Mirza

The writer is a member of the staff. He can be accessed on Twitter @iamnozair