Samsung unveils first foldable smartphone

  • Samsung says its foldable phone will launch soon

SAN FRANCISCO – South Korean tech giant Samsung has finally unveiled the much-awaited foldable smartphone prototype and technology in Developer Conference (SDC 2018).

The smartphone has a tablet-sized screen that can be folded up to fit into a pocket; however, the company has not finalized name or design yet.

The new technology is branded as the Infinity Flex Display and the firm has just unveiled the user interference (UI) and display technology only.

The Infinity Flex Display has an elastic OLED panel that’s going to be the centrepiece feature of its future foldable Galaxy phone. The display folds vertically so that the user can enjoy large-screen content without sacrificing portability. When opened, it gets a 7.3-inch viewing area.

To create this new display, Samsung is using a flexible OLED panel without any glass on top and replaces the traditional glass with a flexible advanced composite polymer.

As far as UI is concerned that company has worked with Google and Android developers to design a ‘One UI’ that keeps the relevant content on the bottom half of the screen ensuring easy one-handed operation at all times.

The company says that it will support using up to 3 apps at a time in multi-window on the larger display giving users more freedom to multitask.

There’s no word on when exactly the foldable Galaxy smartphone will be available, but reports suggest that the company will launch it in coming months.

World’s first ‘foldable screen’ smartphone launched in China

Earlier this week, California-based startup Royole had introduced the world’s first commercially available foldable smartphone “FlexPai” with a starting price of $1,318.