Lahore (Web Desk) – Earlier, Daily Pakistan had reported that Zong had been injecting ads into users’ browser without users’ permission. Zong has issued a statement clarifying the matter. In the statement Zong maintains that they only inject a ‘Zong Helper Toolbar’, which is meant to help users.

Zong’s press release is being published verbatim:

Speculations are afoot that Zong, one of the leading and the only 4G operators in Pakistan, installs automatic scripts in the browsers for hacking purposes.In reality, the Zong Toolbar neither requires installation nor does it consume data monitored or stored. This toolbar benefits the users to access and check data usage on the go so that the users can keep track of the usage. Secondly, the users can select various data packages and subscribe quickly in case user package is expiring or the customers want to switch to other packages. Lastly, one tap connectivity to Zong promotional website links for more details of packages related to voice SMS and data.

The Zong Toolbar is one of the very few such services in the industry. The subscribers will be able to track the data usage against the subscribed bundle anytime with the Toolbar. Furthermore, Toolbar will also help the users to activate the Zong Internet bundles. This toolbar has nothing to do with the malware or hacking activity.

Zong is not pushing any third party ads and generating any revenue from this toolbar. This Toolbar is just for user convenience and requires no subscription. It will be visible on all non-secure Http pages whether opened directly or embedded in any mobile app. The Toolbar will only be visible to the Zong users with “Zong Internet” APN. It will be available for all Zong Handset/Mobile Broadband data users only.

This toolbar can easily be deactivated and will remain inactive until next subscription.

Note: Previous version of this story included a version of Zong’s Press Release that stated that Ufone allegedly injects malicious code into users’ browsers, however, Zong has clarified that it didn’t comment on any particular telecom operator.

It is not clear if Ufone is, in fact, injecting potentially malicious code without the consent of the users. Daily Pakistan will investigate this in a future article.