WASHINGTON (Web Desk) – Arizona-based startup Local Motors have unveiled a 3D printed minibus “Olli” capable of carrying 12 people.

According to details, “Olli” will be an on-demand transportation solution, which passengers can summon with a mobile app, similar to Uber.


Olli will be demonstrated at the National Harbor in Maryland over the next few months with additional trials expected in Las Vegas and Miami. Local Motors is also in talks to test the vehicles in dozens of cities around the world including Berlin, Copenhagen and Canberra.

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Local Motors co-founder and chief executive John Rogers said the vehicle is ready to go into service as soon as regulators allow.

“We hope to be able to print this vehicle in about 10 hours and assemble it in another hour,” he said.

Tech giant IBM is providing the user interface so passengers can have “conversations” with Olli. The vehicle relies on more than 30 sensors and streams of data from IBM’s cloud.

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