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Are you familiar with the famous quote “work smartly, not hardly”? If the answer is no, you shouldn’t be surprised that your life isn’t exactly working out as planned, even though you work hard all the time.

Here are ten key tips that can potentially make you successful without working too hard:

Pull a Mark Zuckerberg:

Have you ever noticed that founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is always wearing a grey shirt? He does this to avoid wasting his energy on things that do not matter to his success. It’s simple, really: stop focusing on unnecessary things and put your energy into useful activities.

Use the 20 feet rule:


Have you ever noticed that you keep checking your phone while working? Possibly it is Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or any other social media network. Maybe you think it’s quite normal, but it is a waste of time. So keep your at least twenty feet away from your table and focus on work.

Use the “Top 3” rule:


You need to figure out your top three priorities in life. Before embarking on any major decision, think deeply and write down three objectives you absolutely have to achieve and rank them accordingly.

Learn to batch tasks:

How many times do you check your email daily? You need to stop doing it so often. For all such tasks that are not urgent, batch them for a certain time of the day.

Leverage the team:


Use other people for the skills you don’t have. Especially people who are better than you at something. While leading any project, leverage to your team and use the skills of a team member who is better than you at a particular thing you are having trouble with.

Virtual assistants are your best friends:

Being good at building friendships online is another productive quality. These virtual friends can help you with lots of things such as data research, writing or language translation.

Get rid of paper:


You need to stop using paper to begin your journey to the top. Instead, create a virtual notebook and share it on your online cloud. So that, you can access it anywhere and anytime.

Work on what you’re passionate about:


Answer this question: what do you seriously want to do in your life? And then, start working on whatever the answer is. This can really change your life.

Constantly test:

Test all your ideas practically rather than trying to perfect them at the conceptual level. Who knows which one one of them is going to work out for you.

Have a user-centric approach:

Stop considering yourself a perfect guy. Keep challenging yourself and making improvements. Think about how what you’re doing can be helpful to others or make their lives easier. Once whatever you’re doing is user-centric in design, you’ll find people flocking to you without even asking.