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WASHINGTON (Web Desk) – A bridge is a structure built to move persons and objects from one place to another.
It is used to make travelling and transporting easier over water bodies and other places.

But besides making living and regular jobs convenient, what some of these bridges have in common is their uniqueness.

Following lists five bridges that have uniqueness about them that will leave you surprised:

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

The 125 metre long bridge is around 2,170 feet above the sea level. What makes this bridge different is its curve shape. Tourists have to travel up to the mountain in a cable car to get to the bridge where they get to enjoy the Malaysian mountains and rainforests.


Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England

This bridge was opened in 2002 by the then Queen. The bridge is also called “Blinking Eye Bridge” due to its tilting, from one side to another and it’s shape. It is meant for pedestrians and cyclists. The bridge allows pedestrians to pass when on one side while when it is tilted on the other, it allows boats and ships to pass.


Henderson Waves, Singapore

As the name suggests, the bridge was designed to look like waves. It is around 274 metres long and 8 metres wide pedestrian bridge. Made up of seven curved steel ribs, it rises over and under its deck. The bridge is lit up in the night with LED lamps between 7 P.M and 2 A.M.


The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, USA

The floating bridge in Washington is 1.4 miles long and was built in 1966. It runs the State Route 520 and connects Seattle and Medina. It stands on Lake Washington at a depth of 200 feet. It is a Pontoon bridge and has movable midsections.


Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

The bridge is a concrete road built like a roller coaster and is over 1.4 kilometres long. The bridge is like a normal one, but perspective compression makes the bridge look very steep. No matter what, the bridge is still unique as it is the third largest rigid frame bridge in the world.