Top Lists

LAHORE – A list of the top 12 ‘traffic circles’ has been compiled by the UK-based Roundabout Appreciation society – and they have drawn inspiration from all over the world.

Some are enormous, like the 118 foot tall victory column featured in the Angel of Independence roundabout in Mexico City and the giant mosque on a winning entry from Karachi, Pakistan.


1. Railway Roundabout in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


This year’s winner – which features a mesmerising colour-changing space-age fountain and garden for pedestrians  – was originally built for the city’s main railway station.


2. Morbier Giant Cheese & Grandfather Clock Roundabout, France


This roundabout features a giant wooden carving of a wheel of Morbier cheese – the local delicacy. It also features a grandfather clock made mainly out of plants.


3. Mosque Roundabout in Karachi, Pakistan


Commonly known as Charminar Chowrangi, this roundabout is located in Karachi’s Bahadurabad neighbourhhod.


It is known for its beautiful replica of famous Charminar Mosque of Hyderabad, India. The mosque is one of the most recognised monuments of India.


4. Duck Pond Roundabout in Otford, Kent, UK


A roundabout with a listed duck pond in the centre. This residence is known as Duckingham Palace.


5. Chavez Roundabout in Managua, Venezuela


The memorial, featuring the late South American president’s face above a sun with a myriad of swirly colors and three golden trees, is composed entirely of light bulbs so the image can be seen day and night.


6. Angel of Independence Roundabout in Mexico City


The Angel of Independence, most commonly known by the shortened name El Ángel and officially known as Monumento a la Independencia, is a victory column on a roundabout over Paseo de la Reforma in downtown Mexico City.

El Ángel was built in 1910 to commemorate the centennial of the beginning of Mexico’s War of Independence and has an 118ft victory column in the centre.


7. Dancing Dolphin Roundabout in Pattaya, Thailand


This roundabout is located in North Pattaya or Pattaya Neu – the most quiet beach of all the three beaches of Thailand. Dolphins dance in the fountain and red and green flowers encircle the roundabout.


8. Sculpture Roundabout in Switzerland


This Swiss roundabout in Valais, with an entwined sculpture on a grassy mound in the mountains, also made to the list of most beautiful roundabout in world.


9. Flower and Fountain Roundabout in Indiana, USA


An ornate fountain and flowers enliven this roundabout in Carmel, Indiana. Carmel really seems to be getting it right with over 80 roundabouts in the city to date.


10. Swimming Dolphins Roundabout in Algarve, Portugal


The Dolphin Roundabout at the top of Albufeira, Algarve, with dolphins jumping through spray is a main attraction for tourists.


11. Sekigata Roundabout in Shizuoka, Japan


Japan had its first roundabout in February 2013 which proved sufficiently encouraging for the transport ministry to reconfigure 15 junctions in seven cities. Sekigata Roundabout is one of the few in the country.


12. Pearl Roundabout in Manama, Bahrain


The pearl structure consists of six supports holding a giant pearl. These supports represent the Gulf Co-operation Council’s six member nations, while the pearl symbolised their united heritage and the country’s famous history of pearl cultivation.