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WASHINGTON (Web Desk) – In the past few decades, archaeologists have found some weird objects which date back to about 5,000-40,000 years old. These discoveries have helped us understand better and answer few questions about what it was like in the back time. These oldest things include civilizations, temples, coins, calendars, snacks like popcorn, clothes, jewellery, flora and fauna.

There relics can teach us a lot about our society and help us understand older civilizations, by giving us an insight of our ancestors and things used by them

Here is a list of oldest objects that you never knew of:

1. Flute, the oldest instrument ever found:

Date: About 40,000 years old

Characteristics: Also known as ‘Gudi’ these flutes, were made from mammoth ivory and bird bones. The instrument is the oldest known instrument to man.


2. World’s oldest jewellery:

Date: About 1,30,000 years old

Characteristics: The jewellery is made with eagle claws. It is a necklace or a bracelet which has been spiked.


3. Oldest chewing gum:

Date: 5,000 year old

Characteristics: The chewing gum is a Neolithic gum which was made from birch bark tar.


4. Oldest trouser:

Date: 3,000 years old

Characteristics: These trousers are similar to the modern day trousers. It has a simple design and the researchers believe that trousers were used for horse riding in those days.


5. Oldest popcorn:

Date: 6,700 years old

Characteristics: The archaeologists in Peru found corn husks, stalks, cobs etc. which dated back to about 6,700 years. The people in ancient days ate food in many ways just like in modern days.


6. Oldest shoe:

Date: 5,500 years old

Characteristics: The shoe is a brown leather lace-up which is known to be the oldest shoe in the world. The shoe has been preserved and is known to be made from cow hide.


7. Oldest alcohol:

Date: 6,000 years old

Characteristics: The world’s oldest alcohol, also called the mead alcohol dates back to ancient India in Rig Veda. The drink was traditionally made by fermenting honey with water and adding few fruits and spices.