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Who doesn’t eat fast food these days? Its easily accessible and appealing. You are addictive to its taste as well. But what you need to know is that while enjoying this kind of food at your favourite restaurant, you could probably be eating dangerous chemicals or even crushed beetles and bird feathers.

Yes, its true and before heading to any fast food place next time, you need to know about these ten unhealthy materials that are excessively used at such eateries.

1) Ammonium Sulfate


Ammonium Sulphate, which even damages the fertility of soil, is used in mass production of breads. Exactly, the breads which are used in the burgers that you eat.

2) Silicone Oil


Chicken McNuggets carry high dose of dimethylpolysiloxane, which is originally a type of silicone oils that are used in making of contact lenses and other medical items.

 3) Cysteine-L


Cysteine-L is an amino acid which is obtained from from human hair or bird feathers and restaurants use this chemical to soften breads and pastries and add flavours to meat.



Its also lethal chemical which is used in at least 18 McDonald’s menu items. Some health experts belive that TBHQ is not dangerous if used in minor amount.

5) Propylene Glycol


This is just another dangerous chemical which is used in anti-freezing items, e-cigarettes and off course in fast food.

6) Prescription Drugs


Several anti-depressants are included in the poultry feed and laboratory tests have confirmed that chicken obtain from these animals also carry these drugs. The same chicken is used in McChicken sandwiches and McNuggets.

7) Dimethylpolysiloxane


This chemical is originally used in silly putty, contact lenses, caulking, shampoo, conditioners, cosmetics, polishes and heat resistant tiles, however fast food restaurants use in every fried food.

8) Carminic Acid


This is obtained from Cochineal beetles. Fast food eateries use it to dye foods such as meat.

9) Cellulose


Cellulose is a product obtained from wood pulp and used in most of fast food items.

10) Silicon Dioxide


Silicon is generally known as industrial sand and obtained from natural sand. This is used for clumping together purposes in things like Wendy’s chili at fast food places.

The article was originally published on True Activist.