Lollywood beauty Meera ji has dismissed some news reports claiming her contesting the 2018 general elections against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and chief Imran Khan in Lahore as a ‘lie’.

Jhoot jhoot jhoot o bhai kb kaha mene wrong!!!! Take this off,” she exclaimed on Twitter.

In a news story based on her interview, Meera was reportedly quoted as saying that she was planning to be part and parcel of Pakistani politics and contest general elections against Imran Khan from Lahore to take the ‘opponents’ by surprise.

Allegedly, in addition to this, Meera also said that she is more famous than Imran Khan, hence there is no doubt about the very fact that she will win for sure.

Kindly take down these false reports right now & have some self respect @The_Nation @DunyaNews i never made such comments good night,” she wrote in another tweet.