We all know Zainab Abbas – the national crush of all the k3wl boys out there!

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We recently also saw this hilarious video (a hundred times) where Maya Ali thought Christiano and Ronaldo were two different football players:

Our Zainab Abbas fans came across something EVEN better!

Feast your eyes on this stud:

We bet you have no idea who he is.. let us explain. He is Zainab’s BROTHER, Hussain Mirza:

You're only as strong as your family. #threesaparty #famjam #cutfromthesamecloth

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We know what you’re thinking.. how come he’s never been discovered? We kinda sorta have the same thoughts:

Dog day afternoon with this beast. #officialmasoct #pitbullsofinstagram #islathepitbull

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The guy really keeps himself fit:

Boy can cook, laydeess!

New head-chef at Sakura! #justforkicks

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His personal trainer is his best friend:

If we keep showing you these, you’ll fall in love, so here’s the last one:


Throwback to the last time my sister @zabbasofficial had a natural smile in front of the camera.

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You can thank us later!