JHARKHAND  (Web Desk) – An 11-year-old Indian girl braved to walk 8 kilometers with her brother hoisting on her shoulders to a hospital saying his life in Indian Jharkhand’s district Godda.

Malti Tudu’s brave effort actually saved her six-year-old brother Michael, the doctors were reported saying by in Indian media.

According to reports Michael and Malti are orphan children residing along their grand parents in a remote village which has no hospital. Everyone who falls prey to some disease has to travel 8 kms to the nearest hospital.

The same situation was faced by Malti’s family when Michael was suffering from cerebral malaria last week but they could not afford fare to travel to the hospital. At this the brave girl came forward and took his brother to hospital carrying on her shoulders.

“There is no doctor in the village and so I really had no other option. When I felt tired I used to sit and rest and then carry him again,” told Malti while talking to media persons.

Dr CK Sahi, Civil Surgeon of Godda, in charge of medical facilities in the district, said, “The girl is very bright. She had no idea it was malaria but she had heard many people talk about it so she rushed the boy to hospital. We are treating the boy and he should be absolutely fine in some time.”

It is also pertinent to be mentioned that Malti and Michael’s parents too had succumbed to cerebral malaria many years ago.